Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sublime Dragonfly's Yummy Scented Soaps

Banana Coconut, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Snickerdoodle.  This isn't a dessert buffet - it's an amazing assortment of soaps by The Sublime Dragonfly

I received a beautiful assortment of samples to try.  Carrot Cake was by far my favorite, with Almond Java in a close second place.  It was so hard to control my cravings for sweets after smelling these amazing soaps!

She even does party favors - bridal showers are the most popular with her cupcake soaps (soon to be seen in her Etsy shop!) which come in TONS of scents!  They look so real - I had to remember they were soap. 

Her Etsy shop is currently getting updated with new soaps and scrubs - definitely grab some while the scents are available.  You will not be sorry!

Rosie O'Donnell has an Etsy Shop!

A friend of mine told me this morning that she stumbled upon an Etsy shop that i just HAD to see.  She opens up her laptop - and looky there - Rosie O'Donnell!  I was so excited!

All proceeds from her shop go directly to her "Rosies Broadway Kids" organization which is "dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts".

Check out her Munny cool!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Save the Date!

The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NYC is scheduled for June 5 & 6.  Check out the site for more info or to apply for the event!

They have other great locations too - Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Check out the one nearest you to see a large variety of artisans!

Valentines Day Shopping: Part One

Since the big day is approaching, lets do some searching of cool, interesting gift ideas.

The first thing I came across that interested me was by a shop on Etsy called Kindly Spoken

Although the next item isn't edible - it's just too cute to not share with you!  A perfect gift for someone like me - who LOVES Pop Tarts!

And for the love of Johnny Depp...the gift that keeps him near your heart....

Up-and-Coming Posts!

Although this blog is new - my shopping habits are NOT! :)

I've been a fanatic of handmade items for years - and it was only until a few years ago that it was all so much closer to my fingertips! Up until Etsy and Artfire came along - handmade items were only easily available at craft shows and small-town shops. In my neck of the woods, there aren't many cute little boutiques with handmade items.

Now the handmade product niche is booming. I can get pretty much anything you can think of, from hair clips to cufflinks to dinner plates -all handmade!

In the posts to come, I am going to introduce you to the world of handmade. Promoting items I love, items I bought, items I wish I bought, items I think you should get your hands on, and beyond!

From the elegant to the outrageous....I am on the hunt for all things awesome. And they will all be handmade!