Saturday, January 30, 2010

Up-and-Coming Posts!

Although this blog is new - my shopping habits are NOT! :)

I've been a fanatic of handmade items for years - and it was only until a few years ago that it was all so much closer to my fingertips! Up until Etsy and Artfire came along - handmade items were only easily available at craft shows and small-town shops. In my neck of the woods, there aren't many cute little boutiques with handmade items.

Now the handmade product niche is booming. I can get pretty much anything you can think of, from hair clips to cufflinks to dinner plates -all handmade!

In the posts to come, I am going to introduce you to the world of handmade. Promoting items I love, items I bought, items I wish I bought, items I think you should get your hands on, and beyond!

From the elegant to the outrageous....I am on the hunt for all things awesome. And they will all be handmade!


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